“It can be scary to start this journey, but it is also scary to be stuck forever. There is a life where you get to have more control and peace. You are not alone and whenever you are ready, we can begin working together towards your healing.” 

Kateri Perez- received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Human Development Family Studies and her Master in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston.

Kateri has received training in EMDR via the EMDRIA-approved provider COMPASSIONWORKS. EMDR aids people in becoming unstuck from their traumas. It also provides healthier thinking patterns and coping skills in order for survivors of trauma to move forward with their lives and gain new perspectives that better serve their desired goals. 

She is trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD. She has also received Cognitive Process Therapy training from the STRONG STAR TRAINING INITIATIVE (STRONG STAR aims to train “veteran-serving community mental health providers in evidence-based treatments for PTSD and related mental health problems in order to increase access to high-quality care”) and is a certified Cognitive Process Therapy for PTSD provider and STRONG STAR network provider. To learn more please click here: (https://www.strongstartraining.org/network

CPT provides healing to people by replacing negative thinking patterns with healthier thinking patterns. With time people gain the tools they need to be their own therapists and have control of their life, instead of PTSD. CPT has helped thousands of Veterans and other trauma survivors find the emotional support and healing they need.

Kateri received Crisis Intervention training credited by the Office of the Attorney General, which allows her to meet people where they are in their healing process after being a victim of a crime. After someone is a victim of crime it can be challenging to focus and even begin to do deep emotional work. Through Crisis Intervention survivors can create the safe space they need. 

Kateri has experience working with groups, (from ages 6 years old and up), individuals, and families. She has worked with people from various backgrounds and is an LGBTQ+ advocate. 

As part of her work with clients she also includes different components such as feminist therapy, art, journaling, reading, writing, and mindfulness in the therapeutic experience.

Her work experience includes the University of Houston, VA, Baylor College of Medicine, and Rape Crisis and Domestic violence center have allowed her to see the importance of meeting people where they are in their emotional healing. She works mainly from a client-centered approach which recognizes that YOU are the expert of your own life and you possess a lot of the answers you seek. To her, therapy is a safe place where you can find those answers with kind, non-judgmental, and patient support. 

Kateri enjoys spending time with family, her two Shih Tzus, reading poetry, hearing music, and driving around just because. 

Specialties also include:

  • “servicios en español” 
  • EMDR Trained
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Grief and Loss
  • Addictions
  • Family Therapy
  • Life Transition
  • Coping Skills
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Goal Attainment
  • Acculturation
  • Racial Identity 
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