“Treat everyone you meet as an equal – as an imperfect and beautiful human being – and watch as your own personality and potential begins to shine brighter than ever.” -Addison

Prior to joining Authentic Healing & Counseling, Addison spent nearly 15 years working in IT professional roles for small startups and large enterprises. He spent most of his life as a seeker asking “why” with endless depth, studying a broad range of subjects and worldviews from religion to culture to foundational physics. Addison was drawn to mental health with inspiration from Victor Frankl after reading “Man’s Search for Meaning”. The ability to pay it forward and help others find meaning in their lives is a calling for Addison. As such, existential psychotherapy is at the heart of Addison’s approach.

Addison is trained in telehealth and also studies Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy to be able to employ different interventions and support depending on the client’s unique needs, whether you’re at home or in the office.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Take off your suit of armor and come have an authentic healing experience with Addison.

Addison Tackaberry is a pre-Licensed therapist in the final year of a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program working with us in a clinical internship. He EMDR trained to inform his work with clients healing from trauma. His clinical supervisor during the internship is Gina Baiamonte, LPC (license #72235).

Quotes that Inspire Addison:

  • “Everyone fails at being the person they’re supposed to be. The question is whether they succeed at being who they really are.”

  • “Do the next right thing.”

  • “How well do we know what we think we know?”

  • “We are not our problems.”

  • “The person we speak to most often in our life is ourselves. And much of what we say isn’t fair or true or kind or helpful or respectful. Pay attention to this and speak to yourself in the same way a loved one deserves to be spoken to.”

  • “No problem can be solved from the same plane of consciousness that created it.”

  • “The word intimacy starts with “in” which means letting people in.”

  • “Instead of desiring the acceptance of others, give your acceptance to others.”

  • “You can’t blend in if you were born to stand out.”

  • “Your pain today will be your strength tomorrow.”

  • “Without rain, nothing grows. So embrace the storms of your life.”